Artist in Residence

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CityTech Theatreworks was proud to have worked with these artists these artists last spring!

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Parallel exit

Parallel Exit creates compelling stories that are family-friendly, cultivating art that speaks to a culturally boundless audience of any age. 

THE FINAL REEL,  is inspired by the timelessness of the silent film era, specifically how effectively these films communicate story and emotion to a modern audience without the use of spoken dialogue. A “silent film for the stage.”

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Todd Robbins

Todd Robbins is an magician, lecturer, actor, and author. He is known for his narration role on Investigation Discovery, True Nightmares

ABNORMALCY, an evening of darkness with Todd Robbins. "Its important to not only acknowledge that there is a hidden place in our hearts filled with malicious thoughts and black urges, but also occasionally allow this malevolence to come out and play."