Fallen Sparrow

Spring 2015

Directors note:

Dear City Tech Faculty,

This Spring Theatreworks will be presenting “Fallen Sparrow,” a theatrical work by Professor Victoria Lichterman, on April 1 (evening) and April 2 (club hours) in Atrium G38. This Educational Theatre piece attempts to begin a conversation about stopping genocide, and is based on Dr. Gregory Stanton’s 10 Stages of Genocide


This collaboration between the Humanities and Entertainment Technology Departments is a wonderful opportunity to have curricular investigation into the topic of genocide, and I urge you to consider taking advantage of this event. If you can incorporate any readings or assignments into your semester, and bring your students to see the production, I think we can begin a conversation at City Tech that would serve our students and our world.


Dr. Sarah Standing



Fallen Sparrow will be presented at the TV Studio located at:

300 Jay Street  NAMM Building AG 38

Wednesday April 1 at 7pm SOLD OUT

Thursday April 2 at 1pm SOLD OUT