Andrew Schneider’s


Summer 2017

New York City College of Technology College/Theatreworks presents a work-in-progress showing of Andrew Schneider’s AFTER at the Voorhees Theatre on Wednesday June 14 @ 5pm. AFTER tracks the story of a perhaps unreliable narrator (Alicia ayo Ohs), moving through shifting memories and perceptions from the past, present and future. It is both a linear story of her spiraling through the frozen instant between life and death, as well as a “neural landscape” in which to experience this story. Picking up where the Obie-award winning YOUARENOWHERE left off, Schneider and his team (Alicia ayo Ohs, Bobby McElver, Alessandra Calabi, Sandra Garner) create a hallucinatory environment that leads viewers to focus on their own perceptions and “see themselves seeing.”

Wednesday Jun 14 at 5pm