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New York City College of Technology, CUNY’s Entertainment Technology Department and Theatreworks are now accepting proposals from producing organizations for live performance-based events that show a compelling and well integrated use of technology for our Fall 2019 and spring 2020 residency. Examples might include, but are not limited to: theatre, dance, music, or interactive media.

We are also accepting applications from artists who want to work with our emerging media team to integrate technology with their content to communicate  ideas and concepts.



Organizations selected for consideration will have:

  • A proven and solid company infrastructure

  • A track record of successful production

  • Clear artistic content for the proposed project

  • A desire to work with undergraduate students while offering them learning opportunities.

  • The ability to provide a learning environment using professional best practices and procedures.

City Tech will provide the production company:

  • Limited rehearsal Space

  • An extensive in-house technical inventory

  • Student technical crews in rigging, lighting, sound, set construction, scenic art, video, show control, running crew, technical direction, house management, and production management.

  • Assistant positions for design personnel and stage management.

  • Faculty support.

  • 4 – 8 performance dates in our 176 – seat performance venue, The Voorhees Theater.

  • Additional publicity support within our infrastructure.

The resident company will:

  • Provide all artistic content for the production.

  • Provide all talent, design personnel, stage management, artistic and administrative staff.

  • Be able to meet with the City Tech Production Manager onsite as well as other faculty during fall 2019 to develop the production timetable and goals.

  • Meet deadlines for designs, specifications, and schedules as necessary.

  • Support and provide leadership in all costume and wardrobe areas- finances, construction staff, etc., (We can provide a space to build costumes with a sewing machine, but do not have a costume department.)

  • Provide publicity.

  • Provide all artist fees, stipends, housing or travel funding. Funding for artistic personnel and talent is solely the responsibility of the resident company.


  • Design positions may be supplemented by the faculty or senior students, based on faculty interest and/or the appropriate skill level of students available to handle the position.

  • City Tech and the production company will create a contract that will mandate best practices and principles. Failure to uphold these principles or other contractual obligations may result in a limitation or termination of the project.

  • The producing organization will credit City Tech in all future productions of this work.

  • The Resident Company and City Tech will split all box office proceeds 50/50 with the understanding that: tickets will be free to all New York City College of Technology students and complimentary tickets are offered to all students, faculty, and staff associated with the production.

Application Must Include:

  • Completed Application Form

  • Production Proposal – ONE PAGE that includes information about your process and how the students of the Entertainment Technology Department will benefit from your production.

  • Production history

  • Resumes and references for all major design/artistic staff

  • Previous publicity materials

  • DVD or internet links to 10-minute sample of work

Submitted materials will NOT be returned.

Applications will be reviewed on a annual basis

You now have the option of emailing the information straight to Theatreworks email within the form.

If you have any problems with the application please email Professor Brandt at:

You are always welcome to mail your materials to:

RC Proposal
New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Entertainment Technology Department
C/O Prof. Sue Brandt
300 Jay Street, Rm V203
Brooklyn, NY 11201