Todd Robbins

     City Tech Theaterworks had the pleasure to collaborate with Todd Robbins on his new show, Abnormalcy, April 26-28th, 2018. In this new show, Mr. Robbins drew upon his renown skill as a storyteller and illusionist to joyously explore the darkness we all have within us.  As Mr. Robbins puts it, "Its important to not only acknowledge that there is a hidden place in our hearts filled with malicious thoughts and black urges, but also occasionally allow this malevolence to come out and play." If we don't let off some steam this way, our shadowy side will come bubbling up in very unexpected and ugly ways. Just look at the last presidential election, and all that has come after it.

    During the course of the show, Mr. Robbins presented all sorts of unnerving material, such as:
The telling of numerous disturbing personal stories, such as the first savage and hilarious NY subway crime he witnessed.
Hypnotically guiding several members of the audience on an encounter with the dead, including the dead possessing the bodies of the living.
A ghost story that will make people laugh one moment and jump out of their seats the next.
A card trick that resulted in the death of more than a thousand people.
Immersing the audience in disquieting experiences that they will remember for as long as they live, assuming that they live through it all.

Abnormalcy Photo w. students.jpg

Created and Performed by Todd Robbins

Shadow Master: Spencer Wolf

Production Manager: Kelly Castro

Stage Manager: Amanda Langhaus

Technical Director: Alisa Pavlova

Lighting Design: Jessica Choi

Photo above is Todd Robbins with City Tech Crew.

Todd Robbins is mentioned in the news column of Genii, The Conjuror's Magazine by Todd Karr.