Spring 2017

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Theatreworks was proud to present our 2017 collaborative work with resident artists Recent Cutbacks. As a company, they create fast-paced, joyful work, using irreverent humor and nostalgia to explore iconic movies from a whole new perspective. Past work includes parodies of the beloved films Jurassic Park (Hold On To Your Butts) and Lord of the Rings (Fly, You Fools!). Their latest project, KEVIN!!!!! is a hilarious remake of the holiday classic Home Alone, featuring puppetry, a live a cappella score, interactive technology, and more. Recent Cutbacks’ residency at City Tech will inject sophisticated technology into their fast-flowing humor. Tickets will be on sale soon! Run time: 1 hour.


Performance dates at City Tech:

March 23th, 24th, 25th at 8pm

March 30th, 31st and April 1st at 8pm


Tickets for General Public: $20

Tickets for Students: $10

Tickets for CityTech Students: Free


Created by Recent Cutbacks
Featuring Nick Abeel, Sonia Mena, Natalie Rich, Kyle Schaefer
Music Arranged by Kelsey Didion
Choir Direction by Richard Sears
Choir: Sarah Godwin, Evan Maltby, Richard Sears, Michelle Vo
Produced by Lanie Zipoy
Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker

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twitter/insta: @recentcutbacks

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